HiStrA Historical Structures Analysis

HiStrA is the software for structural modeling and non-linear analysis of historical and monumental buildings.

HiStrA arches and vaults has wizards that allow you to quickly and easily define the geometry of the most common types of arches, vaults and domes. The input is parametric and is based on a reduced number of essential data, that are the geometric parameters of greatest importance for the chosen type.
It is possible to insert base piers with variable height and thickness on each edge or end of the structure.
When the wizard is closed, the three-dimensional model is generated, both in "geometric" and "computational" mode, ready for defining the additional aspects that complete the input phase, such as the customization of materials or acting loads.

It is also possible to model tie and chains, generally used in structural reinforcements of historic buildings (compatible with the type of element you consider) and to provide reinforcements by applying ribbons made of fibro-reinforced composite materials (carbon, glass, steel, etc.).


The type of material and other geometric parameters (such as thickness, characteristics of inertia, resistant properties) characterize each object, determining its structural behavior.

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