Foundation Bearing resistance

The basis for the design of foundations is the bearing resistance of the soil.

Capacità portante delle Fondazioni

The design bearing resistance can be calculated using analytical or semi-empirical methods. Annex D of Eurocode 7, EN1997:2004 describes a method of obtaining the design bearing strength of the soil.

Capacità portante delle Fondazioni

The methods of Annex D Eurocode 7, EN1997:2004 for drained and undrained conditions are implemented in the program.

The design bearing strength of the soil is estimated for EQU, STR and GEO conditions.

The computation of design bearing strength is for drained and undrained soil conditions.  
For drained soil conditions the important soil property is the angle of shearing resistance φk [°] and the cohesion intercept c[kPA]. 
For undrained soil conditions the important soil property is the undrained strength cu [kPa].

For the computation of design bearing strength other parameters are the dimensions and depth of the footing, as well as the loading and the load eccentricities

In the foundation design of the program for the soil strength we use the soil bearing pressure quk (N/mm2). This is a corresponding soil strength to the soil allowable pressure. In the foundation design we use as Design bearing soil pressure qud=qukqu, where gqu is the partial factor for unconfined strength. (Eurocode 7, Annex A). So to be consistent the convert the design strength estimated from Annex D of Eurocode7 to the soil bearing pressure used in the program the design value have to  be multiplied by γqu.

Is γqu =1.40 for EQU and 1.00 and 1.4 for (STR-GEO).


Click ico in the design of fundaments or in the design of retaining walls, and you get into a calculation window for design bearing resistance.

There you have an estimate of the soil bearing resistance quk which you may use in the program, from the soil and fundament parameters.

If there you check to include the calculations in the report, then the design bearing resistance will be set to the minimum estimated and the calculations  will be included in the report of the footing design. (remember that if you alter the dimensions or loading you have to re-evaluate quk).

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