Solid and ribbed slabs

calcolo soletta nervata

  • Uniformly distributed dead and live loading. Load combinations according to Eurocode 0.
  • Two way slabs with various support conditions. Czerny, Bares or Marcus solution methods.
  • One-way continuous slabs (up to eight 8 spans). End cantilevers can be specified. Load factors for every span. Moment redistribution.
  • Cantilever slabs.
  • Crack and deflection control. New
  • Regral anf Light weight concrete.New
  • Moment capacity of concrete slab cross-sections and  sections strengthened with FRP (fibre-reinforced polymers).

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Flat slab, Punching shear

Design of slab section in punching shear according to Eurocode 2 § 6.4. Verification of the shear capacity at the control perimeters around a rectangular column.

Piastre piane, Punzonamento

Flat slab design

Design of flat slab with inner span dimensions Lx, Ly and outer span dimensions Lx’ and Ly’.

Progetto piastre piane


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