Water basins


calcolo serbatoi

The design is for rectangular water basins. The solution is for a 2-Dimensional cross section across the smallest dimension (width) of the basin.

The basic dimensions are the width of the basin B [m] (1),  the length of the basin L [m](2), and the depth of the basin H [m]( (3).

The basin assumed to sit on elastic ground and is analysed with finite element analysis. The basin walls are subdivided in 2 beam elements of length H/2. The basin floor is modelled with 16 beam elements with nodal points connected to the ground with elastic springs. The stiffness of the elastic springs is computed from the Winkler foundation modulus Ks [kN/m2/m] (4).

The loading conditions include all the load cases according to Eurocode0, (EQU, STR, and GEO) for

  • empty water basin (only earth pressure),
  • filled water basin without earth pressure
  • filled water basin with earth pressure.   

The reinforced concrete design includes also serviceability control, with limit crack width specified in (5).


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