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IDEA StatiCa

IDEA Connections  - Structural Software for the design of steel connections

IDEA Connection enables engineers to design steel joints of general shape, connections and base plates with no limitation in shape and loading. It is based on a unique design and analysis method called CBFEM. It delivers precise checks of each component of the joint.

IDEA Connection

IDEA Connection enables engineers to understand and minimize risk of construction defects. It removes uncertainty in connection design to decrease material costs by up to 30%.

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Key features of IDEA Connection

  • Structural design and check of joints, connections and details of steel structures
  • Joints with various numbers of beams in multiple directions and loads
  • Analysis model created according to manufacturing operations used – cuts, plates, stiffeners, ribs, openings
  • Calculation of internal stress/forces in joints based on elastic/plastic FEA analysis
  • Automatic creation of joint’s FEA model
  • Efficient FEA solver delivers result faster than current methods
  • National-code-independent solution; design checks according to EN 1993-1-1
  • Checks of bolts and welds using standard component method
  • Graphical presentation of shape of the joint to check member collisions
  • Clear information about behavior of the joint/connection
  • Both simple (1 connection = 1 A4) and detailed result reports
  • Wide range of predefined joint/connection templates; user defined templates


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BIM – link with the structural software

IDEA Connection can be used as a standalone program - input of geometry, loads and all operations is done manually. But IDEA Connection also supports BIM - steel joins including loads (internal forces) can be imported from several FEA programs, for example MIDAS Civil and GEN, AxisVM, SCIA Engineer and Nexis (Esa Prima Win).

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Design and check

IDEA Connection runs proper checks according to EN 1993-1-8. Steel plates are check against the requirement of maximal equivalent strain. Bolts and fasteners are checked both on normal and shear force like separate components. Stress in each weld is properly evaluated and weld is checked. Interaction of base plate and concrete block is analyzed – effective stress is checked.

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More datails


IDEA Connection is a module of IDEA StatiCa Steel, a thorough solution for steel engineers around the world. 


IDEA StatiCa Steel

Complete design of steel structural members and details. Beams, columns, frames. EN 1993-1-1 plus National Annexes, SIA 263. Comprehensive ULS/ SLS code checks including deflections. Flexural and lateral-torsional buckling. Interaction of all internal forces N/ Vy/ Vz/ Mx/ My/ Mz. Unique FE calculation of cross-section properties and stress distribution.

IDEA StatiCa Steel is used by engineers dealing with members/details of steel structures. Designing is based on internal forces model created either in IDEA StatiCa or imported from FEA programs like Midas, Axis VM, SCIA Engineer and others.

Esempi edifici con IDEA StatiCa Steel


  • Complete design of structural members and details
  • Beams, columns, frames
  • General cross-section/wide range of rolled and welded sections
  • Straight/ curved, prismatic/ tapered
  • EN 1993-1-1 plus National Annexes, SIA 263
  • Strength and stability steel member design/ check
  • Comprehensive ULS/ SLS code checks including deflections
  • Flexural and lateral-torsional buckling
  • Interaction of all internal forces N/ Vy/ Vz/ Mx/ My/ Mz
  • Optimization of cross-sections
  • Advanced FE calculation of cross-section properties and stress distribution
  • Unique analysis of shear stress from shear forces and torsion
  • BIM compliant – interface to various 3D FEA software

Remove uncertainty in steel design to decrease material
costs of members and details by up to 30%

  • Progetto completo di elementi strutturali e dettagli.
  • Travi, pilastri, telai
  • Geometrie delle sezioni generiche /ampia gamma di sezioni laminate e saldate
  • Lineari/ curve, prismatiche/ rastremate
  • EN 1993-1-1 più Annessi Nazionali, SIA 263
  • Progetto / verifica resistenza e stabilità degli elementi in acciaio
  • Verifica esauriente agli SLU/SLE includi spostamenti
  • Stabilità flessionale e flesso-torsionale
  • Interazione di tutte le forze interne N/ Vy/ Vz/ Mx/ My/ Mz
  • Ottimizzazione della sezione
  • Calcolo avanzato FE delle proprietà delle sezioni e diaframma delle tensioni
  • Analisi unica del taglio fagli sforzi di taglio e dalla torsione
  • Conforme BIM– si interfaccia a diversi software 3D FEA




Working with data model from another 3D structural FEA program. Interface for data import from external FEA programs. 1D and 2D members – beams, columns, slabs, walls. Assigning members into design groups. Check results including structures from different materials. Updating model back to FEA program after proper designing of members. Updating designed members after change in FEA program.
Each engineering office has several programs to deal with different tasks of engineering practice. Outputs of one program are often inputs of the other and vice versa. That is why we developed a unique IDEA BIM (building information modelling) interface which connects IDEA StatiCa with other programs in an easy and effective way.
IDEA BIM enables engineers to get inputs from their current software – it instantly transfers model of internal forces to IDEA StatiCa where required members/details can be designed. Some of IDEA BIM links are also two-way, i.e. transferring results from IDEA StatiCa back to FEA program.


  • Work on common data model with external 3D structural FEA programs
  • Interface for data import from external FEA programs
  • 1D and 2D members – beams, columns, slabs, walls
  • Definition of design members –FEA model elements joined together
  • Association of members into design groups
  • Design is done only for one representative member of design group
  • Design of concrete members
  • Design of steel members
  • Presentation of results even on mixed structure made of different materials
  • Update of model in FEA program after proper design of members
  • Update of designed members after new calculation in FEA program
  • Bill of material


IDEA StatiCa Corbel / Bracket

Bracket / Corbel is used for structural design of concrete structure details. It is based on Strut & Tie method and provides a comprehensive checks according to Eurocode.

Calcolo Mensole / Supporti

  • Comprehensive design of reinforced concrete corbels and brackets
  • Rectangular/ sloped shape of corbels/ brackets aligned symmetrically or to column edges
  • Prismatic column or reduced depth of column above the corbel
  • Variety of predefined reinforcement templates, automatic/ manual position
  • Primary reinforcement: plane looped/ space looped/ framing bars
  • Secondary reinforcement: vertical and/or horizontal stirrups
  • DXF export of real reinforcement cage
  • EN 1992-1-1 plus National Annexes, SIA 262
  • Comprehensive ULS code checks using Strut & Tie method
  • Strength of struts, ties, nodal zones
  • Detailing – vertical and horizontal stirrups, anchorage lengths, mandrel diameters
  • Quick check and/or detailed analysis if necessary
  • Eurocode supportive – references to EN provisions, tooltips, explanations, warnings, error messages
  • Brief output overview or detailed protocol


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