Customer projects who have used IDEA Connection for steel connection design and check

SBG&Partners - Biggi Guerrini ingegneria S.p.A.

Joints developed for the executive design of the Aimé Césaire International Airport of Martinique.

Ing. Bruno Boldrin

Non-standard connections check of reception and waste pretreatment building of a waste treatment plant in Pontedera (PI).


Through IDEA Connection it was possible to check the joint under the load effects with the aim of minimising the weld and the thickness of the connecting plates; beyond that optimize the bolt assembly and the position of stiffeners.

Ing. Fabio Erbisti - INTECH Ingegneri Associati

Study of the seismic vulnerability of a building: corner joint check of an existing steel structure.

The shape of the base plate and the features of the stiffening plates, bolts, and welds have been deduced from the executive drawing and from the survey in place of the connection.

Ing. Alessandro Virgili

Design and check of non-standard connection of a tourist accommodation in Recanati (MC).

Ing. Marco Panzano - Cresco Group

Basic plate of the mega-columns of an office building and base plate of craneway of the machine for petrol coke's discharge.

Ing. Marcello Ponzo - Zenit s.r.l.

Connections of one of the seven structures built for the plant shutdown works (T/A 2019) of Esso oil refinery in Augusta (SR), owned by Sonatrach.

These structures will temporarily support some equipments for which maintenance and replacement of some members are planned. These structures will support considerable loads, from 165 to 315 tons each.

Ing. Pietro Dal Pont - Studio Dal Pont Mastioni

Design of structural steel connections of Helideck supporting structure for semi-submersible crane vessel (diameter is 28 m).

Structural design:        Ing. Pietro Dal Pont – Studio Dal Pont Mastioni (Milano)

Built by:                       Bayards BV

Structure:                    Helideck supporting structure for semi-submersible crane vessel

Checks under:             Eurocode

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