IDEA StatiCa BIM works with design members across all IDEA StatiCa applications and various FEA programs.
Member is divided into zones and reinforcement is specified in each of them. All checks which are available for cross-section are applied on the zone. The stiffness of reinforced member is calculated for short and long term effects of loads. The creep and cracks are taken into account. The real deflections are calculated and check according to code requirements.

calcolo elementi di progetto

Continuous beam of two spans has 5 zones of reinforcement. The same reinforcement is supposed to be at the ends of the beam (A-A), in spans as well (B-B). Reinforcement C-C is expected to be above the middle support

trave continua a due campate

The zones are edited in the table. User can see reinforced section for current section.

sezione armata

All sections in the zone are checked. IDEA StatiCa evaluates all extreme values along the zone and they are used for check of reinforced section. Results are presented in tables – brief or detailed. Similarly to other IDEA StatiCa applications, overall result summary is displayed in Info window

More detailed results for all zones.

Dettagli ulteriori per tutte le zone.

Stiffness of cross-sections along the member. Creep and cracks are taken into account.

Rigidezza delle sezioni lungo l’elemento

Final deflections are calculated for new stiffness. Deflections are compared with code provisions.

Info window provides the flash info about the design and check results.

User interface is adapted for column members. Required buckling data are edited.

Design of column member.

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