IDEA StatiCa BIM and AxisVM

IDEA StatiCa has effective BIM links to other FEA programs. Diagram below shows the architecture of IDEA Axis Solution:

architettura della Soluzione IDEA Axis VM


AxisVM is a software for structural engineers based on finite element analysis method.

l’analisi della costruzione

Compatibility with IDEA applications – structural model created in AxisVM can be exported to IDEA Designer to perform designing and checks.


How to activate the link

Download and install the latest versions of

After installation of both programs, run IDEA StatiCa and start with the item BIM. In the BIM wizard continue with the item Links... During the process notification "Run as administrator" appears. Please confirm with the button YES. Select your version of AxisVM and click the button Install. The process of integration will start.



Watch full description of the process in a short video:

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