IDEA StatiCa BIM and AxisVM

IDEA StatiCa has effective BIM links to other FEA programs. Diagram below shows the architecture of IDEA Axis Solution:

architettura della Soluzione IDEA Axis VM

Civil engineers on 5 continents use AxisVM for analysis of structures with confidence that their final engineering product will meet the most up-to-date engineering analysis and design requirements.

AxisVM is a high-quality software package for civil engineers. It is a useful tool for engineers in numerous countries. Users can build the 3D model with the aid of integrated visual modelling and simple manageability. An intelligent graphical user interface supports all period of the process: definition, analysis and result query.



AxisVM is a sophisticated software for structural engineers based on finite element analysis method. You can create 2D and 3D models, use advanced graphic tools, import geometry from variety of formats (. dxf, ifc, SDNF, also linked with Tekla Structures and ArchiCAD).

Intelligent and user-friendly graphic interface helps you in all phases of your projects – from definition of support, loads, over the FE analysis to evaluation of results.

When you are done with modelling, AxisVM enables you to create easy-to-work-with documents, tables and export files for other applications (dxf, IFC, SDNF, CADWork, Tekla Structures, Bocad, Advance Steel, PDMS).

AxisVM is module-based, it offers several combinations of structural analysis tools, based on desired modules for solving beam members, walls, slabs and slab/walls. You can find more information in Modules section.

You can use following types of calculations for construction analysis:

  • Structural analysis (linear/non-linear)
  • Vibration – Eigen solution (linear/non-linear)
  • Dynamic analysis (linear/non-linear)
  • Stability analysis

l’analisi della costruzione

Main features

  • Analysis of 2D and 3D frames, trusses, beams, ribs, slabs, walls, membranes and shells in any combinations 
  • Linear and non-linear analysis, stability, vibration, seismic analysis, dynamic calculations (time analysis), push over
  • Calculation of needed reinforcement for concrete beams
  • Calculation of needed reinforcement for slabs, walls and shells
  • Design of foundation blocks – iterative calculation of dimensions, final check
  • Design of timber members, LVL a GLULAM members, check
  • Data inter-face with CAD and FEA programs
  • Multi-language environment, Czech Version translated by IDEA RS
  • Multi-core processors 
  • Compatibility with IDEA applications – structural model created in AxisVM can be exported to IDEA Designer to perform designing and checks.


How to activate the link

Download and install the latest versions of

After installation of both programs, run IDEA StatiCa and start with the item BIM. In the BIM wizard continue with the item Links... During the process notification "Run as administrator" appears. Please confirm with the button YES. Select your version of AxisVM and click the button Install. The process of integration will start.



Watch full description of the process in a short video:

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