IDEA StatiCa BIM and SCIA Engineer

SCIA Engineer

In IDEA StatiCa version 8.0, it was added BIM link between SCIA Engineer e IDEA StatiCa Steel Connection.

1 How to activate the link

Install the latest version of IDEA StatiCa, get it in the Downloads.

Make sure you are using a supported version of SCIA Engineer – updates are published in the BIM section.

IDEA StatiCa automatically integrates the BIM link into your CAD/CAE software during its installation. You can check the status and activate more BIM links for later installed software in the BIM link installer.

Open IDEA StatiCa and navigate to the panel BIM and open the BIM link installer. A notification "Run as administrator" may appear, please confirm with the Yes button.

Select the software to integrate the IDEA StatiCa BIM link, click the Install button and check the Installed status.

2 How to use the link

First, we download the source file SCIA example.esa, open it in SCIA Engineer and run the linear analysis to get the internal forces over the structure.

In the Main menu we go to Steel tab.

Here we go to the menu IDEA StatiCa Connection. First, we add a joint to this SCIA Engineer project list of joints by selecting the members of a joint, then by clicking on Joint input and typing the name of it (name of the IDEA StatiCa Connection project file) and OK.

Then we open the command Check, run the command Export to IDEA Statica Connection in the Actions menu and select the joint sign in the workspace.

Download the guide: this tutorial will show how to activate and use the link between Scia Engineer and IDEA StatiCa!

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