This module of IDEA StatiCa Concrete focuses on reinforced concrete sections of structural members according to latest Eurocode 2, especially beams, columns, cantilevers, pad foundations, retaining walls and one-way slabs. Moreover, checks of compression members include influence of imperfections and second-order effects.

Beam/column offers large amount of predefined shapes of cross-sections and reinforcement templates.


tipi di sezioni  in calcestruzzo

sezioni armate

Available are structural checks for Ultimate Limit State design (ULS) and Serviceability Limit State design (SLS) with option to determine the stiffness of cross-section for deflection analysis. Checks can be performed for both bridges and civil engineering structures. Moreover, detailed response of the cross-section for input internal forces is available as well as possibility to analyse the interaction of all internal forces including shear and torsion.

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Engineers can choose from quick sectional check and/or detailed analysis where necessary. Generic methods fully complying with Eurocode requirements are used. The assumptions used for the analysis are immediately visible on the screen. Any shape of cross-section, any reinforcement layout is possible. You get a complete set of checks according to Eurocode 2. IDEA StatiCa Concrete is exceptional in its clarity, presentation of intermediate results, references to EN code provisions, tooltips with graphical icons, explanations, warnings and error messages.


Load effects under your control

IDEA StatiCa Concrete is not just a program for designing and checking of cross-sections. It also allows you to sort out structural members into design groups and consecutively make the design for one representative member only. Contrary to complex software systems, you do not have to design all individual structural members. All critical reinforced cross-sections of all representative members you can assembled in one file. Each section can be loaded by appropriate number of combinations of internal forces and you get a complete set of results for each of them. Any number of sections can be referenced to one representative member (beam, one-way slab or compression member – column).

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This enables you to take into account internal forces which cannot be determined using regular structural model (due to accepted simplifications). You can adjust parameters of ceratin structural members to cover all effects neglected in structural analysis.

GUI gives you an instant overview of important properties and facts, offers high quality graphical outputs, tabular results. Navigator will guide you through your designing task step-by-step.

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The outputs are available as a brief overview or detailed protocol. Export into pdf and rtf format is available.




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