IDEA Steel Beam, Column, Frame

Complete design of steel structural members and details. Beams, columns, frames. EN 1993-1-1 plus National Annexes, SIA 263. Comprehensive ULS/ SLS code checks including deflections. Flexural and lateral-torsional buckling. Interaction of all internal forces N/ Vy/ Vz/ Mx/ My/ Mz. Unique FE calculation of cross-section properties and stress distribution.

Progetto completo di elementi strutturali di acciaio e dei dettagli

· Single span or continuous beam, cantilevers
· Standard or general cross-sections of any shape
· Straight or curved in plane
· Elevation in vertical plane
· Tapered beams in any span
· Point, moment and line loads
· Free, fixed or flexible supports
· Complete ULS and SLS combinations according to EN 1990 · 1xA4 or more detailed output report
· Design according to EN 1993-1-1, SIA 263
· Proper description of LTB conditions
· Complete ULS and SLS checks
· Optimal dimensions of cross-section
· Bill of material


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