News ultima versione 6.1

Release note IDEA StatiCa Steel v6.1

Version 6.1 was released 4 month after version 6. We have focused to links with CAD and FEA programs. American code will help our users operating in regions where US code is applied and open new markets for us. More innovations in UI will make the work with our products easier.


CAD links

Node designed in CAD program can be imported into IDEA Connection and analyzed

  • Tekla Structures (Trimble) – plugin command, beta versionNew graphical design of IDEA StatiCa applications
  • Advance Steel (Autodesk) – plugin command, beta versionHighlighting and tooltips in 3D model presentation


Improvements and new functions

  • Gallery of drawings – any 3D picture can be insert into output report
  • Welds – improved diagrams of internal forces
  • Loads – import more load cases can be done from excel file
  • Databases of bolts – simplified names, EN and US
  • Output tables for bolt check – drawings of layout
  • Contacts between welded plates

AISC Code (US)

  • Both LRFD and ASD are implemented3D drawings results can be insert into report – checks and stresses
  • Materials – steel, concrete, bolts, weldsTable of general settings data is included
  • Setup data
  • Check of plates, bolts, welds, base plates
  • Output report

Fea links

  • Autodesk Robot

CAD links

TEKLA - Connection link

We have developed a new link between applications Tekla Structures and IDEA Connection. It enables a creation of the IDEA Connection project directly by using of a command(makro) in Tekla Structures.

ADVANCE STEEL - Connection link

At the same time we have also developed a new link between applications Advance Steel and IDEA Connection. It enables a creation of the IDEA Connection project directly by using of a new command concheck in Advance Steel.



A picture gallery was implemented into the latest version. It brings a possibility of the saving of views in the 3D window into pictures in Gallery. Then stored pictures can by inputted into the Detailed Report.





Graphical rapresentation of bolts and welds

Welds are drawn in the 3D window together with results now – selected weld is highlighted. All weld intensities are displayed with the same scale.


Bolts labels we complemented by bolts numbers to simplify bolt identification.

Schematic pictures of bolts arrangement were added into result tables (Results, Report\Detailed)

Import of loads



More load cases can be inputted by copy/paste from Excel sheet at once.


Database of bolts

Input of bolts was simplified. Bolts are sorted by material grade only. Standard EN and AISC bolts are provided according to selected code.



We have implemented AISC-LRFD a AISC-ASD codes. The type of code can be selected within definition of a new project.



 We have added interface with Autodesk Robot into our BIM. 


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