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IDEA Software BIM

Your structural software connected to the software IDEA Statica.

Software Strutturale BIM

Software IDEA - BIM  - Link of the calculation program with analysis programs like AXIS VM, SCIA Engineering, Midas, EPW and others.


IDEA Steel - IDEA Connections

Brief introduction about Idea Steel.
Design of steel members of the structure calculated by Idea Statica, AxisVM, EPW

software calcolo strutturale acciaio video

Workshop for new users of IDEA Connection. Technical aspects of calculation, examples, design of elements.

istruzioni software di calcolo nodi in acciaio

IDEA StatiCa Concrete

IDEA Concrete: introduction. Check of a reinforced section according to EN 1992-1-1 / EN 1992-2

Introduzione al software IDEA StatiCa Concrete

IDEA Concrete Tutorial.

IDEA Concrete Tutorial

IDEA StatiCa Prestress

Example about the calculation of a bridge beam with IDEA StatiCa Prestressing

Trave da ponte continua

Example about the calculation of a composite beam with IDEA StatiCa Prestress

Trave a struttura mista

Informations about the calculus

The theory behind: CBFEM calculation.

Deatiled informations about calculations, validation, test and research about it.

comprovazione teoria che sta alla base

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