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IDEA STATICA IDEA StatiCa Steel | Design and check of steel joints and connections

ZWCAD ZWCAD | ZWCAD the cost-effective and reliable CAD software

ZW_Toolbox.png Tolls per ZWCAD Tools for ZWCAD

FIN EC FIN EC | Complete structural design of individual elements or details

AGACAD AGACAD | BIM solutions for Revit

PREF PREF | Calculation, drawing and estimation of prestressed and reinforced concrete beams

IDEA_DETAIL.png IDEA StatiCa DETAIL | Design and check concrete details and walls

GEO5 GEO5 | Geotechnical Software

EUROCODE.png EurocodeExpress | A integrated and comprehensible software including all the structural Eurocodes

BETON BETONexpress | Software to design structural elements of reinforced concrete

WOOD WOODexpress | software for the design and check of structural elements and timber roofs

STEEL EXPRESS STEELexpress | Easily design structural elements of structural steel

STEEL SECTION Steel Section EC3 | Design tables for Steel Sections according to Eurocode 3

PORTAL Steel Portal Frame EC3 | Design of Steel portal frame structures according to Eurocode 3

IDEA STATICA CONCRETE IDEA StatiCa Concrete | Reinforcement and code-check of all types of concrete walls, beams, and details

3D MACRO 3D Macro | analysis and estimation of seismic vulnerability of buildings

HISTRA Histra Archi e Volte | a software dedicated to non linear analysis of vaulted structures and historical monumental buildings


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