Design of composite continuous Beams

Design Of Composite Continuous Beams

Trave in calcestruzzo precompresso

Prestressed concrete beam

  • Single span or continuous beam, cantilevers
  • Straight or curved in plane
  • Elevation in vertical plane
  • Standard or general cross-sections
  • Tapered beams in any span
  • Point, moment and line loads
  • Complete ULS and SLS combinations according to EN 1990
  • Design according to EN 1992-1-1, EN 1992-2, SIA 262
  • Predefined construction stages
  • Pre and post tensioned tendons
  • Design of tendon shape and prestressing force
  • Calculation of equivalent loads
  • Balancing of external loads
  • Calculation of prestressing loses
  • Complete ULS and SLS checks for specific sections

Composite beam

  • Reinforced concrete, pre- or post-tensioned beams with cast-in place composite slab
  • 2D/3D geometry of beams, curved in elevation and plan, tapered beams
  • Database cross-sections or cross-sections of general shape
  • Predefined construction stages
  • Time-dependent analysis of creep and shrinkage (TDA)
  • Detailed design of Eurocode including the National Annexes
  • Optional protocol range including brief summary
  • DXF export and import of tendons, cross-section outline and reinforcement

You can input pre-defined cross-sections from database or define completely general shape of cross-sections in IDEA StatiCa CSS module.

software calcolo travi continuesoftware calcolo travi continue

software calcolo travi continue

Progetto di sezioni in calcestruzzo a struttura mista


Time Dependent Analysis (TDA)

Predefined construction stages will speed up your analysis. You can define additional construction and service stages.

Analisi dipendente dal tempo

New wizard for beam input

Now you can calculate reinforced concrete composite beams which can be both pre-tensioned and post-tensioned.

input travi struttura mista

Presentation of results in stages


Range of application

composite structure

  • Reinforced concrete, pre- or post-tensioned beams with cast-in place composite slabFloors composed of prefabricated beams made subsequently monolithic by cast-in-place concrete
  • Filigran type floors
  • Permanent shuttering floor systems
  • Composite bridge beams prefabricated or cast-in-place, pre- or post-tensioned

Travi in cemento armato, pre- o post-tese

Advantages of concrete composite prefabricated elements

  • Speed of construction
  • Accuracy of production
  • Possibility to use higher concrete grades
  • Structural repair and strengthening

Additional innovations

  • Input of 3D load components
  • Beam geometry bent in elevation and/or curved in plan
  • Improvements in design checks of composite and prestressed cross-sections
  • Draft structural drawings – dxf export of structural geometry, reinforcement, tendon spacers





Improvements in output

  • Improved graphic template of html protocol, easy import into MS Word
  • Output of results according to construction stages
  • Adaptation of the presentation of sections and reinforcement zones


Download examples (you can open them with the demo release of the program)

scarica esempi

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