Prestressed Cross-Sections

Design and check of prestressed cross-sections of beams according to EN 1992-1-1 and EN 1992-2

This IDEA StatiCa Concrete module is focused on design and check of prestressed cross-sections of beams according to EN 1992-1-1 and EN 1992-2.


There is a broad variety of predefined cross-section shapes and reinforcement templates. However, prestressed cross-section has often a general shape and reinforcement. That makes inputting of cross-sections or openings using vertex coordinates from the table very useful. You can also use copy/paste function from Excel.

Position of tendons and tendon ducts in the cross-section can also be defined by a table. Tendon layers can be set along cross-section edges or using coordinates. All tendon layers can be specified with a number of strands in the tendon, tendon inclination, diameter of tendon duct and material. Tendons and concrete reinforcement can also be imported from a text file (program loads tendon coordinates).

sezione ponte

Load effects and prestressing losses

Compared to check of reinforced concrete cross-section, here is necessary to define construction stages of a cross-section. That is why a time axis and time nodes are defined, in which the user defines the increments of internal forces caused by characteristic values of permanent loads and prestressing effects. Subsequently, those are used to calculate long-term losses of prestressing.

asse temporale

Short-term losses are not calculated except for the loss caused by elastic deformation of concrete. Prestressed Section also allows you to estimate short-term losses. Based on them, long-term losses of prestressing are calculated automatically.

The program determines whether a cross-section meets EN code requirements based on:

  • values of initial stress
  • short-term and long-term losses 
  • input permanent
  • variable load effects,

Check of prestressed cross-section according to EC2 requires more detailed input of load types and its components.

Prestressed cross-section check

Checks are available for Ultimate Limit State, Serviceability Limit State and also the determination of stiffness of cross-section for deflection analysis is available. There is a possibility of brittle failure check for bridge structures. Calculations are based on general incremental principle with initial prestressing in tendon, reinforced bars and strands in concrete of cross-section respected. All results are shown in a structured graphic form.

verifica sezione

verifica sezione precompressa

Structural analysis report

IDEA Concrete offers simple and structured report of all calculations. More detailed information regarding performed calculations is available when needed. Explanations and references to relevant code parts are attached.


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