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IDEA Concrete also contains IDEA Slab module for design of elements with bidirectional loads
Floor slab of generale shape
►Typucal loads and combinations
Efficient FEM analysis of intern forces and deflections
Design and check of reinforcement


There are 5 types of slab.:

  • Two-way slab – flexural effects in two directions
  • Wall – membrane forces are taken into account
  • Deep beam – membrane forces are taken into account
  • In-plane loaded slab – all force components (membrane and flexure) are taken into account
  • Out-of-plane loaded wall – all force components (membrane and flexure) are taken into account

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Most of the programs available in the market are able to design required areas of the reinforcement only. That might not be enough for a safe structural analysis.

IDEA StatiCa Concrete provides checks of real reinforcement for both Ultimate and Serviceability Limit States!


The checks are carried out for real reinforcement inputted by the user. There are following checks available for all types of slabs and walls:

Ultimate Limit States

  • N+M
  • Shear
  • Interaction of shear and flexure

Serviceability Limit States

  • Crack resistance and crack width control
  • Stress limitation

Detailing rules

  • Check of reinforcement ratio
  • Check of the distance reinforcement bars

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Slab/wall member can be reinforced by two layers of the reinforcement (by one or both surfaces) or the reinforcement bars can be placed arbitrarily. The checks are performed in (a) user defined direction, or (b) principal stress direction calculated for both surfaces and directions perpendicular to calculated directions, or (c) calculated direction of concrete compressive strut. The direction of concrete compressive strut is optimized for maximum utilization of concrete compressive strength. The calculation of design forces is based on Baumann’s theory.

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