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The program performs check of directly supported (corbels on columns) and indirectly supported (corbels on beams) corbels according to EN 1992-1-1 or EN 1992-2. The strut-and-tie models given in EC2 are used for the analysis. It provides minimum areas of the main tensile reinforcement and vertical and horizontal stirrups.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Verifiable Calculations
  • Comprehensive Outputs
  • Engineering Manuals and Contextual Help
  • National annexes for Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Bulgaria
  • Option for input of arbitrary values of partial safety factors
  • Large selection of the most common shapes of corbels
  • Database of strength classes according to EC2 including user-defined material
  • Database of reinforcement materials including user-defined material
  • Parametric input of minimal reinforcement cover
  • Directly and indirectly supported corbels
  • CCC and CCT joint models
  • Input of main tensile reinforcement in two layers
  • Two different bar diameters in each layer of main reinforcement
  • Stirrups in vertical and horizontal direction
  • Detailed text and brief graphical reports

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