Smart Assemblies


02_Shop Drawing Configurations - Introduction

03_Shop Drawing Configurations - Assembly Views

04_Shop Drawing Configurations - Assembly Views - additional options

05_Shop Drawing Configurations - Insert Grid Lines

06_Shop Drawing Configurations - Schedules

07_Shop Drawing Configurations - Sheets

08_Create and Auto Create Assemblies

09_Update and Update by DC

10_Recalculate Assemblies

11_Manage Assemblies

12_Modify SDC by Instance

13_Save SDC from Assembly

14_Dynamic Smart Assemblies Update

15_Template Project

16_Gravity Point and Element Mass

17_Dimensioning Rules - Introduction

18_Dimensioning Rules - Main Element Geometry

19_Dimensioning Rules - Hosted Metal Details

20_Dimensioning Rules - Hosted Concrete Details

21_Dimensioning Rules - Smart Dimensions

22_Dimensioning Rules - Rebar Bars

23_Dimensioning Rules - Dimensioning Priority & Notes

24_Dimensioning Rules - Note positioning

25_Special Parameter - Build in Place

26_Special Parameters for Gravity Point

27_Special Parameter - Exclude from Gravity Point Calculations

28_How to Add Legends to Assembly Sheets

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