IDEA StatiCa works with your Tekla Structures.


You can select any steel connection in Tekla Structures and export it to IDEA StatiCa for code-checking. All the beams, cross-sections, bolts, welds, plates, etc. are not just exported, but they are also synchronized if the Tekla Structures model changes. IDEA StatiCa and Tekla Structures give you an efficient workflow for your steel design that saves time and money.


  • Automatic Link
  • Select the node in Tekla and directly open it with IDEA
  • Import of members and loads
  • Link for steel elements

The BIM link between Tekla Structures and IDEA Connection is now bidirectional. The following describes how to activate and use the Tekla - IDEA link.

How does it works?

1. Run IDEA Statica 

2. Open your project in Tekla and on the “IDEA CBFEM” icon

3. Select a connection

4. Select all its parts

5. Press "space bar" of keyboard

6. Select components

7. Press "space bar" of keyboard

8. Minimize the Tekla window - save the dialog window (hidden behind).

You can then transform a connection modeled in Tekla Structures into a properly analyzed and designed connection in IDEA StatiCa in a couple of minutes.

How to activate the link

Download and install the latest versions of

  • 64-bit IDEA StatiCa
  • Tekla Structures 21.0, 21.1 or 2016

After installation of both programs, run one of the bat files (depending on Tekla Structures version) in the folder where IDEA StatiCa was installed:

Idea4Tekla210.bat, Idea4Tekla211.bat or Idea4Tekla2016.bat

Run this command again if you reinstalled either of the programs or moved the installation folder.

Known limitations

Link now works for a wide variety of connections/joints. However, please take into account yet unsupported functionality:

Holes in members. Workaround: Import the whole joint and manually add these in IDEA StatiCa Connection

Welded and composed cross-sections. Workaround: Properly define cross-sections in Tekla

Cuts by CHS.  Workaround: Everything is imported, cuts “by surface” have to be added manually.

Anchoring and base plate. Workaround: Import the whole joint and manually add these in IDEA StatiCa Connection


Be aware that there is not a proper description of rounding of hot-rolled sections in Tekla Structures, IDEA StatiCa Connection defines missing values by itself

Always check imported bolts/welds and add necessary data if missing in Tekla Structures

We are continuously adding profile types (huge variety in Tekla Structures)

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