Up to now unique in Europe, PREF DRAWING verify, design and automatically generate the working shop drawing of the beams: every rebar is verified before the drawing and a message warns the user if reinforcement is not enough.

The element is verified from the Eiseko's calculation programs, then PREF DRAWING  automatically generate the working shop drawing with the detailed Bill of Materials, according to the calculations: stirrups and rebars are the minimum possible.

PREF DRAWING is integrated in the program RTL, it cannot be separated from the calculation and it is FREE.

In customized programs instead, it is a separate module and it is possible to add it or not, in this case it's for a fee.


  • Automatic generation
  • Export to dxf and pdf
  • Parametric stirrups and rebars
  • Numerous types of stirrups and rebars
  • Numerous types of lifting hooks
  • Embeds

PREF DRAWING  automatically generate the working shop drawing with the detailed Bill of Materials, according to the calculations. The drawing is made by two sheets, the second one can be directly be send to smith and includes all the details for the production of the reinforcements. The drawing complies ISO standards.

scheda di produzione completa di computo metricoscheda di produzione completa di computo metrico

Drawing can be directly printed or exported to DXF or PDF and always include the detailed Bill of Materials.


The program includes a lot of parametric stirrups types. Also rebars are parametric and customizable.

ferro per trave precompressaferro per trave precompressastaffa per trave precompressa

There are about a ten of customisable lifting hooks.

gancio per trave precompressaganciogancio

Any stirrup, rebar or hook you use that is not present in our database will be added.

Embeds can also be added, which will be drawn on the sheet and shown in a special table.

It is possible to set the colors of the lines / texts, the thicknesses, the tolerances in the settings



Il programma PREF è una suite di moduli per il calcolo delle travi precompresse che viene distribuita in abbonamento annuale. L'abbonamento può essere personalizzato e include l'uso dei programmi, l'assistenza tecnica e tutti gli aggiornamenti che verranno prodotti.

I programmi hanno protezione hardware USB.

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