Want to create layouts of precast concrete slabs efficiently in Revit? Our Precast Concrete design software has two tools to do that: Floor Panel Layout (for Floor system families) and the new Floor+C tool (for Structural Framing families).


Lay out structural framing elements based on rules.
Define rules in the framing configurations.
Automatically create warped Double Tee (DT) slabs.
Make layouts of any section of structural system framing elements — hollow core slabs, steel decking for composite slabs, and more.
Especially useful for designing parking garages with warped DT slabs or when structural framing family has camber.

To use Floor+C, follow these steps:
1. To start using Floor+C in your project, first load families into your project.

Then, open the configuration window and create your own or modify existing ones. If you need a different slab size or shape, you can modify the provided families or use your own Structural Framing families of precast slabs. For example, here in the Longitudinal flooring tab, hollow core slab families from the standard Revit library have been selected:

2. Now you need a floor that will serve as a reference floor for laying out the precast slabs. You can draw a new one or just use the one you already have in your project. Note: the direction of slabs depends on the span direction of the floor.

3. After you have your configuration and floor, link the configuration to the reference floor layer.

Select the configuration and layer where these slabs should be created. The top of slabs will be at the top of that layer.

4. Now you’re ready to create slabs! Use the Add Flooring command:

This is an example of a simple layout from one end of the reference Floor to another.

With our families and configurations the last element will be cut to fit the size of the reference floor if possible. Also the ends of slabs will be cut if the reference slab is not rectangular. You can also add End Elements and get different slab layouts, use framing for all identical slabs, and do some other great stuff.

Got questions when using Floor+C? Check out the e-help section:

Ecco qui un webinar che mostra i principali comandi di Precast Concrete (inglese - 1:05:06)

"Vai direttamente a ciò che ti interessa in questo webinar"
• Dividi i muri in pannelli, impedisci l'unione, dividi dalla griglia 3:20
• Controllare la distanza tra gli spazi tra i pannelli a parete 6:50• Creazione di lastre utilizzando Floor + C - Per distribuire la famiglia di elementi del telaio strutturale 7:30
• Aggiornamento lastre su piani identici utilizzando il comando Multitelaio 18:30
• Creazione di doppi tee deformati 19:30
• Inserimento di elementi di connessione utilizzando Smart Connections 21:00
• Armatura muro 34:46
• Rinforzo trave 36:18
• Rinumerazione degli elementi utilizzando SortMark 40:40
• Disegni esecutivi con quote automatiche utilizzando gli Smart Assembly 42:40
• lastre DT deformate 53:37




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